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Bradfield Group at the HR Summit and Expo 2017

Bradfield Group at the HR Summit and Expo 2017

Dubai, 2017

Date: Friday 17th November 2017

Nigel Pearcy - Commercial Director, Angeles Aversa - Marketing Manager, Rebecca Brook - Business Development Team Leader, Muhammad Sohail - Business Development Manager, Chloe McCartney and Sam Irani - Business Executives, were present at the event at the D50 stand.

The HR Summit and Expo conference is held annually in Dubai and looks at current and future trends in HR in the public and private sector across the Gulf region. Our team attended the conference and we have got a short summary of what happened there. 

The new world of work is evolving at an unprecedented pace with changes in technology, multi-generational workforces and global competition for talent. For the first time HR has the opportunity to lead this wave of change.

Developing leadership, engaging staff and managing talent are now business priorities that you hold the key to. As an HR leader, your strategic imperative is to meet the intense pressures of today’s business environment and play a leading role at the highest levels of business strategy.

A Guru Stage, Workshops, and Seminars were available in order to help attendees improve their HR and business perspective.

Four gurus who inspired attendees with their visions for the future of HR and talent management. They were: Simon Sinek, Michael Ussem, Lynda Grattin and Herminia Ibarra.

The Bradfield team also held a Breakfast Workshop on Leadership and Development at the Novotel hotel World Trade Center. Our tutor Tim Doyle delivered this engaging and valuable insight into Great Leadership Development.

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