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Training vs Development

Training vs Development

The 4 main differences between training and development

Date: Thursday 9th August 2018

Employee training and development is an important part of the Human Resource function and management.

These are the four differences that will help you to distinguish between these two concepts and which you must always take into account when talking about training or development:


  • Training is mostly short term with a concrete goal.
  • Training fuces on the role.
  • Training aims at a specific job or role requirement.
  • Training revolves around an immediate or present need.
  • Training enhances the knowledge or skills for a particular job or role.
  • Training programs are group focused, where more than one individual participates in organised group events.
  • The company takes the responsability of training.


  • Development is a long-term activity, with goals that are open-ended and ongoing.
  • Development focuses on the person.
  • Development is more conceptual and focuses on overall progression of the individuals.
  • Development activities are about the future.
  • Development is a self-assessment procedure, where nduviduals are held responsible for creating and owning their development plan & activities.


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