Diversity Awareness

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Diversity Awareness

Duration: ½ day

Purpose and aim of course

This course has been developed in order to assist staff understand the importance of diversity. It presents the primary and secondary dimensions of diversity and how this impacts organisational success. It allows learners to understand the elements of a diversity policy and the risks involved if this is not followed. Furthermore, it will enable learners to understand the detrimental effects of stereotypes, assumptions and harassment.

This unit is suitable for persons who:

  • are working in teams where they regularly communicate with colleagues and superiors,
  • wish to develop their knowledge of diversity to improve performance at work and relationship with colleagues,
  • are required to develop diversity awareness and/or equal opportunities policy.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • understand what diversity is, and how it is different from equal opportunities,
  • understand the role that assumptions and stereotypes have on relationships,
  • be able to reflect on their own work practice, values and ethics in order to foster diversity.


Learners will receive all necessary material for this course including copies of presentation slides and exercises used in class.


This course is a stand-alone course and does not require any previous knowledge.