HR in a Week

Our vision is to be recognised in all our operational territories as a primary resource for HR expertise

HR in a Week

We appreciate that for many busy Managers, HR issues can be a minefield. Our HR in a week programme provides a useful introduction to HR. The sessions are 9am to 1pm so that you can go back to work in the afternoons and by the end of the week we will have covered most of the topics that we think are likely to come your way.

At the end of the five day programme, you can expect to be able to answer questions such as:

  • In an interview can I ask questions about a candidate's ability care for dependents?
  • What do I have to put into a contract of employment?
  • What information can I store about my staff?
  • Can I monitor staff emails?
  • What amounts to racism?
  • What amounts to a sexist remark?
  • What adjustments do I need to make for disabled staff?
  • Where is the dividing line between managing and harassment?
  • How do I conduct a disciplinary hearing?
  • How do I make one of my staff redundant?
  • When is compassionate leave appropriate and how much do I give?
  • Do I allow time off to attend a funeral of an acquaintance?
  • Absenteeism. How can I reduce it?
  • Do I pay sick pay to someone who sustained an injury playing sport?
  • Should appraisals be linked to salary?
  • How do I conduct an appraisal?
  • Should I offer study leave?
  • Do I have to agree to time off for Jury Service and does the employee get paid?
  • Can I refuse a request for holiday?

Course Content

Day 1: Recruiting talent - being clear about what you are looking for, advertising in the right places to find the right candidates, making sure that your interviews are focussed, selecting the right person for the job, checking references, making the offer of employment and making the new employee feel welcome when they join.

Day 2: Managing Diversity - valuing differences in your workforce, understanding what is OK to say and what is not OK, what is OK to do and what is not OK to do. Understanding the wider definition of disability and what allowances you should make for those who are covered by the DDA.

Day 3: Creating a great place to work - how to motivate your staff and keep them motivated. Understanding some useful theories on motivation, employee benefits and their contribution to motivation, managing pay and reward, recognition for effort and/or success, using appraisal schemes for staff development.

Day 4: Employment rights - legal rights such as maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, time off for public duties, time off for carers, flexible working, annual leave entitlements, sick pay. Contractual rights and their uses - study leave, contractual sick pay schemes, enhanced maternity rights, compassionate leave.

Day 5: Discipline and terminations - how to recognise a disciplinary issue, the difference between misconduct and poor performance, the difference between misconduct and gross misconduct and how to handle each of these. Dismissal for redundancy.


The attendance fee is just £300 for the full five days. We run these programmes every four weeks and so you can attend any time. You can substitute other Managers onto the programme if they are interested in a topic and you are not. However you cannot attend the same session twice or send more than one person without making a new registration! Contact us: