Recruitment Interviewing

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Recruitment Interviewing

Duration: ½ day

Purpose and aim of course

This course is aimed at managers and HR professionals who require clear understanding of how to conduct interviews in the recruitment and selection process. This course is designed primarily for people who have little or no previous training in this area. For more experienced interviewers this course provides a chance to practice and develop best practice in interviewing. It allows learners to practice interview skills in order to enhance their organisation’s recruitment process.

This unit is suitable for persons who:

  • wish to develop their knowledge for the recruitment process,
  • wish to or already currently interview potential candidates for employment.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • be able to understand what is required out of a competency-based interview,
  • be able to take part in the interviewing process, working one-to-one or as a panel,
  • understand the relevant legislation that affects the recruitment interview,
  • understand the importance of keeping records and evidence as part of the interviewing process.


Learners will receive all necessary material for this course including copies of presentation slides and exercises used in class.


This course is a stand-alone course and does not require any previous knowledge.