Stress & Time Management

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Stress & Time Management

Duration: 2 days

Purpose and aim of course

To equip managers with the techniques to recognise the sources of work stress, in doing so providing them with techniques to more effectively prioritise and manage daily tasks and, in doing so, aid organisational performance.

Detailed course outline

Day 1

  • What is stress and how is it caused? Examine the causes of stress and how some forms of stress can be beneficial in certain circumstances.
  • Examine why some individuals thrive in stressful situations – is it due to their personality alone? Are there some organisations and industries that are going to be more stressful than others?
  • Eustress, Distress and "real" stress: how to recognise the signs of each occurring and the differences between them; why you need to accept being in some form of stress in one form or another
  • From panic to prioritisation: Understanding and applying the Covey Urgency-Importance matrix to more effectively manage your time

Day 2

  • Reacting to change: examining the different reactions to change within the Kubler-Ross curve and what you can do to better manage your response to unplanned events
  • Using Harvard Business Review’s ‘Monkey Management’ technique, learn how to identify and more effectively manage your priorities
  • The value of clarity: making clear what needs to be done now to meet your own and the businesses expectations in your role
  • Understanding your manager’s needs and how you can ‘manage your manager’ to help meet the needs of the business
  • The value of effective communication and delegation; its role in effective time management and prioritisation, as well as how it can be used to take advantage of the skills and experience within your team

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • Understand what stress is and how it affects people and organisations
  • Reduce work related stress by developing their own organisational skills
  • Manage their work time more effectively
  • Learn and understand best practices in prioritisation techniques
  • Meet job expectations more effectively through effective time management and prioritisation


Delegates will receive all necessary material for this course (including copies of presentation slides and exercises used) in class. There is no preparation required by the delegates prior to attending the course.


This 2 day course is aimed at employees who are responsible for managing multiple projects to a range of deadlines. It is ideal for learners who wish to develop their organisational skills and minimise work-related stress.