Training in a Week

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Training in a Week

If you are new to training or training is part of your role, and you want to understand how to be effective at it, our Training in a Week programme provides a useful introduction.

The sessions are from 9am to 1pm each day for a week so that you can go back to work in the afternoons. Buy the end of the week you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • How do I know whether the person I sent on a course has learned anything?
  • Was the learning a good return on the investment made?
  • Who in my organisation has the most urgent training needs?
  • What talent must I develop as a top priority?
  • How do I design training to suit all my learners?
  • How do I ensure the training does what it is supposed to do?
  • How do I engage my learners?
  • How do I control my nerves when in the classroom?
  • Would coaching be useful in my organisation?
  • Would a mentoring scheme be beneficial to my organisation?

Course Content

Day 1: Successful organisations must be learning organisations - understand the difference that training can make to performance. How to evaluate ROI in training. Why is evaluation of training so important? How to make sure that training gains in the classroom become training gains back in the workplace.

Day 2: Who needs what? Identifying Learning Needs. What information do you need, how to obtain it and how can you use it to form a plan?

Day 3: Designing effective training - making use of learning styles, SMART objectives, effective use of content, building in effective evaluation strategies.

Day 4: Being effective on your feet - techniques for delivery of learning. Have fun!

Day 5: Coaching and mentoring at work - the value of coaching and mentoring to your organisation. Styles of coaching, mentoring models. Forming a mentoring scheme.


The attendance fee is just £300 for the five days. We run these programmes every four weeks and so you can attend any time. You can substitute other Trainers or Managers onto the programme if they are interested in a topic and you are not. Contact us: